BMW C400GT - Rider's Manual > BMW flexcase is open

Engine start not poss.

BMW flexcase open.

Close BMW flexcase.

Possible cause: The BMW flexcase is open.

Close the BMW flexcase.

Using the BMW flexcase

Fuel down to reserve

Fuel reserve reached.

Drive to filling station soon.

WARNING Rough engine running or switching off of the engine due to a fuel shortage

Accident hazard, damage to catalytic converter

Possible cause: At the most, the fuel tank still contains the reserve fuel quantity.

Fuel down to reserve

Hazard warning lights system switched on

Left turn signal indicator light flashes green.

Right turn signal indicator light flashes green.

Possible cause: The hazard warning lights system was switched on by the rider.

Service display

When a service date elapses without service, the general warning light lights up in yellow, appearing together with the date and mileage (kilometerage) display.

If the service time is exceeded, a yellow Check Control message is displayed. In addition, the displays for service, a service appointment and the remaining distance are highlighted with exclamation points in the menu screens MY VEHICLE and SERVICE REQUIREMENTS.

NOTICE If the service display appears more than a month before the service date, the current day's date must be reset in the instrument cluster. This situation can occur if the battery was disconnected.

Service due

is displayed in white.

Service due! Have BMW Motorrad Retailer perform service.

Possible cause: Service is due because of the driving performance or the date.

Service date missed

General warning light lights up yellow.

is displayed in yellow.

Service overdue! Have BMW Motorrad Retailer perform service.

Possible cause: Service is overdue because of the riding performance or the date.

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