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Cylinder Head/Valves / Cylinder Head Removal

Remove the rock arms.

Remove the two bolts, intake pipe and insulator.

Cylinder Head/Valves

Remove the two bolts, two nuts, pair reed valve and gasket.

Cylinder Head/Valves

Remove the two bolts, water joint, gasket and water stop collar.

Cylinder Head/Valves

Remove the three bolts and cylinder head.

Cylinder Head/Valves

Remove the dowel pins and cylinder head gasket.

Cylinder Head/Valves



Remove the valve spring cotters, retainers, springs, spring seats, oil seals and valves using a valve spring compressor.

Cylinder Head/Valves

Special tool: Valve Spring Compressor E040

Cylinder Head/Valves


Inspect each valve for bending, burning, scratches or abnormal stem wear.

If any defects are found, replace the valve with a new one.

Check valve movement in the guide.

Measure each valve stem O.D.

Measure each valve guide I.D.

Subtract each valve stem O.D. from the corresponding guide I.D. to obtain the stem-to-guide clearance.

Service limits:
  IN: 0.08 mm (0.0032 in)
  EX: 0.1 mm (0.004 in)

If the stem-to-guide clearance exceeds the service limits, replace the cylinder head is necessary.

Cylinder Head/Valves


Check the spark plug hole and valve areas for cracks.

Check the cylinder head for warpage with a straight edge and feeler gauge.

Service Limit: 0.05 mm (0.002 in)

Cylinder Head/Valves


Measure the free length of the inner and outer valve springs.

Service Limit:
  Inner: 35.2 mm (1.408 in)
  Outer: 39.8 mm (1.592 in)

Cylinder Head/Valves

Measure compressed force (valve spring) and installed length.

Replace if out of specification.

  Inner: 3.5 kg (at 28.7 mm, 1.148 in)
  Outer: 13 kg (at 31.43 mm, 1.2572 in)

Cylinder Head/Valves

Measure the spring tilt.

Replace if out of specification.

  Inner: 1.2 mm (0.048)
  Outer: 1.2 mm (0.048)

Cylinder Head/Valves


Install the valve spring seats and oil seal.

Be sure to install new oil seal.

Lubricate each valve with engine oil and insert the valves into the valve guides.

Install the valve springs with the small-pitch portion (1) facing cylinder head. (2) Large-pitch portion.

Cylinder Head/Valves

Put on the valve sparing retainers.

Compress the valve springs using the valve spring compressor, then install the valve cotters.

Special tool: Valve Spring Compressor E040

Cylinder Head/Valves

Tap the valve stems gently with a plastic hammer for 2пЅћ3 times to firmly seat the cotters.

Be careful not to damage the valves.

Cylinder Head/Valves

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