BMW C400GT - Rider's Manual > Emergency on/off switch (kill switch)

Operation / Emergency on/off switch (kill switch)

Emergency on/off switch (kill switch)

  1. Emergency on/off switch (kill switch)

WARNING Operation of the emergency ON/OFF switch when riding

Danger of falling due to blocking of rear wheel

The engine can be switched off easily and quickly using the emergency on/off switch.

Emergency on/off switch (kill switch)

  1. Engine is switched off
  2. Operating position


Low-beam headlight and parking lights

The parking lights come on automatically when the ignition is switched on.

After the ignition is switched off, the parking lights remain on for a brief period.

NOTICE The parking lights are a strain on the battery. Do not leave the ignition switched on longer than absolutely necessary.

The low-beam headlight switches on automatically when the engine is switched on.

High beam and headlight flasher

High beam and headlight flasher

Parking lights

Parking lights

Hazard warning lights system

Operating hazard warning flashers

Switch on the ignition.

NOTICE The hazard warning flashers place a strain on the battery.

Do not use the hazard warning flashers for longer than absolutely necessary.

NOTICE If a turn indicator button is pressed with the emergency flashing function switched on, the flashing function replaces the emergency flashing function as long as the button is pressed.

If the turn indicator button is released, the emergency flasher function becomes active again.

Operating hazard warning flashers

Turn indicators

Operating turn signals

Operating turn signals

NOTICE The turn indicators automatically switch off when the defined riding time and distance have been reached. The defined riding time and distance can be set by an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

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