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General instructions


Chapter 2 of this Rider's Manual will provide you with an initial overview of your Scooter.

All maintenance and repair work carried out on your vehicle will be documented in Chapter 12.

Documentation confirming performance of scheduled maintenance is a precondition for generous handling of out-of-warranty claims and goodwill warranty treatment.

When the time comes to sell your Scooter, please remember to provide this Rider's Manual along with it - it is an important part of the vehicle.

Abbreviations and symbols

CAUTION Hazard with low risk. Failure to avoid this hazard can result in minor or moderate injury.

WARNING Hazard with moderate risk. Failure to avoid this hazard can result in death or serious injury.

DANGER Hazard with high risk. Failure to avoid this hazard results in death or serious injury.

ATTENTION Special instructions and precautionary measures. Non-compliance can cause damage to the vehicle or accessories and warranty claims may be denied as a result.

NOTICE Special information on operating and inspecting your motorcycle as well as maintenance and adjustment procedures.

Tightening torque.

Technical data.

  Optional extra.

BMW Motorrad optional extras are already completely installed during motorcycle production.

  Optional accessory.

BMW Motorrad optional accessories can be purchased and installed at your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

Electronic immobilizer.

Anti-theft alarm.

Anti-Lock Brake System.

Automatic Stability Control.

Continuously variable transmission.

Transmission with a continuously variable gear ratio.


When you ordered your Scooter, you chose various items of custom equipment. This Rider's Manual describes optional equipment (OE) offered by BMW and selected optional accessories (OA). This explains why the manual may also contain descriptions of equipment which you have not ordered. Please note, too, that your vehicle might not be exactly as illustrated in this manual on account of country-specific differences.

The features of any equipment supplied with your Scooter not described in this Rider's Manual will be described in separate manuals.

Technical data

All dimensions, weights and performance data contained this Rider's Manual refer to the German DIN standards and comply with their tolerance specifications.

Versions for individual countries may differ.

Notice concerning current status

The outstanding levels of safety and quality furnished by BMW Scooters are the result of continuous improvements in design, equipment, and accessories. For this reason, some aspects of your vehicle may vary from the descriptions in this Rider's Manual.

In addition, BMW Motorrad cannot guarantee the total absence of errors. We hope you will appreciate that no claims can be recognized based on the data, illustrations or descriptions in this 1 manual.

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