Kawasaki J300 - Service manual > Headlight Aiming Inspection

Periodic Maintenance / Electrical System / Headlight Aiming Inspection

The headlight beam is adjustable vertically.

Electrical System


Electrical System

Engine Stop Switch Operation Inspection

First Step

Electrical System

Second Step

Electrical System

Spark Plug Replacement

Standard Spark Plug
 Type: NGK CR7E

Electrical System

NOTICE If tightening the spark plug with the wrench inclined, the insulator of the spark plug may break.

Electrical System

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 Kawasaki J300 - Service manual > Lights and Switches Operation Inspection

First Step Set the motorcycle with the center stand. Put the side stand up. Turn the ignition switch on. The following lights should go on according to below table.

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Chassis Parts Lubrication Before lubricating each part, clean off any rusty spots with rust remover and wipe off any grease, oil, dirt, or grime. Lubricate the points listed below with indicated lubricant.