Kawasaki J300 - Owner's Manual > If You are Involved in an Accident

Safety Information / If You are Involved in an Accident

Make sure of your own safety first.

Determine the severity of any injuries and call for emergency assistance if needed. Always follow applicable laws and regulations if any other person, vehicle or property is involved.

Do not attempt to continue riding without first evaluating your motorcycle's condition. Inspect for fluid leaks, check critical nuts and bolts, and check the handlebars, control levers, brakes, and wheels for damage and proper function. Ride slowly and cautiously - your motorcycle may have suffered damage that is not immediately apparent.

Have your motorcycle thoroughly checked at a Kawasaki dealer as soon as possible.

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Kawasaki strongly recommends that all operators of this vehicle complete a suitable motorcycle rider training program to learn the proper skills and techniques necessary for safe motorcycle operation.

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The following should be carefully observed for safe and effective vehicle operation. Carbon Monoxide Hazard DANGER Exhaust gas contains carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless poisonous gas. Inhaling carbon monoxide can cause serious brain injury or death. DO NOT run the engine in enclosed areas. Operate only in a well-ventilated area.