Kymco XCITING 500 - Service Manual > Radiator Coolant

Inspection/Adjustment / Radiator Coolant

Place the scooter on its center stand.

Check the coolant level through the inspection window at the left floor skirt while the engine is at the normal operating temperature.

The level should be between the "F" and "L" level surface.

If the level is low, remove the reserve tank cap and fill the tank to the "F" level line with 1:1 mixture of distilled water and antifreeze (coolant mixture preparation)

Using coolant with silicate inhibitors may cause premature wear of water pump seals or blockage of radiator passages. Using tap water may cause engine damage.


Remove the left floor mat and remove screw and reserve tank lid.


Remove reserve tank cap.

Check to see if there are any coolant leaks when the coolant level decrease very rapidly.

If reserve tank becomes completely empty, there is a possibility of air getting into the cooling system.

Be sure to remove all air from the cooling system.

Reinstall the filler cap.



Remove the floorboard.

Check for any coolant leakage from the water pump, radiator hoses and hose joints.

Check the radiator hoses for cracks or deterioration and replace if necessary.

Check that all hose clamps are tight.

Remove the front lower cover.


Check the radiator air passages for clogs or damage.

Straighten any bent fins, and remove insects, mud or other obstructions with compressed air or low water pressure.

Replace the radiator if the air flow is restricted over more than 20% of the radiating surface.



This model is equipped with a built-in secondary air supply system.

The secondary air supply system introduces filtered air into exhaust gases in the exhaust port. The secondary air is drawn into the exhaust port whenever there is negative pressure pulse in the exhaust system. This charged secondary air promotes burning of the unburned exhaust gases and changes a considerable amount of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into relatively harmless carbon dioxide and water.


Check the AICV (air injection control valve) hoses between the AICV control solenoid valve and cylinder head cover for deterioration, damage or loose connections.

Make sure the hoses are not cracked.

If the hoses show any signs of heat damage, inspect the AICV check valve in the AICV reed valve cover damage.




Place the scooter in its center stand.

Remove the transmission oil drain bolt (1) and the transmission oil filler bolt (2), slowly turn the rear wheel and drain the oil.

After draining the oil completely, install the oil drain bolt with a new sealing washer and tighten it.

Torque: 24 N*m (2.4 kgf*m, 18 lbf*ft)


Fill the transmission case with recommended oil.

Recommended transmission oil: SAE 90

Oil capacity (at draining): 0.45 liter (0.48 US qt, 0.4 lmp qt)

Install the transmission oil filler bolt with a new sealing washer and tighten it.

Torque: 24 N*m (2.4 kgf*m, 18 lbf*ft)


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