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The ABS/MBS features 3 distinctive functions:

1. Combined front and rear braking system controlled by the LH brake lever.

2. Braking assistance system provided on the front wheel.

3. Anti-locking system provided on the front wheel.

Before servicing the system, carry out a diagnosis using the diagnostic tool and print out a parameter report.

If fault codes appear, repair as required.

The diagnostic light of the system only goes off when the machine reaches 5 km/h.

The rider brakes with the left lever (integral braking), and the right lever (braking on the front wheel only) becomes an emergency brake.

For diagnosing the ABS/MBS system, see document: ABS/MBS braking system functioning principle. Reference: 759568.

Removal of the brake modulator


Plastic parts must be protected from brake fluid splashes.

Hold the brake levers at 20 mm from the rest position using plastic straps. This operation allows you to close the circuits and to avoid emptying the hydraulic controls when disconnecting the modulator.

Do not remove the master cylinder covers.


Place a pan under the modulator so that the brake fluid will drip into it.

The modulator shall not be open, the manufacturer is the only one allowed to service this component.

Re-installing the modulator

Note: The modulator is already filled with brake fluid when delivered. In order not to lose any brake fluid when connecting the modulator, remove the caps and connect the hydraulic hoses one after the other.

Tightening torque: 2.2 m.daN.


Tightening torque: 2.8 m.daN.

Note: Change the copper seals each time they are removed.

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Reminder: The rear brake hydraulic system is drained using the LH lever. The front brake hydraulic system is drained using the RH lever. The front and rear brake systems are drained the usual way. The brake assistance circuit is drained by actuating the modulator pump by means of the diagnostic tool.