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Maintenance / Removing & Installing Body Components

Battery Cover

Removing & Installing Body Components

The battery cover must be removed to remove the battery, to service the fuse box and fuse holder fuses.


1. Open the seat.

2. Remove the screws.

3. Remove the battery cover.


Install the parts in the reverse order of removal.


The clip must be removed to remove the tool box.



1. Press down on the centre pin to release the lock.

2. Pull the clip out of the hole.



1. Slightly open the retaining pawls and then push them out.

2. Insert the clip into the hole.

3. Press down on the centre pin to lock the clip.




Make sure the ignition switch is off.

1. Remove the battery cover.

2. Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery.

3. Disconnect the positive terminal from the battery.

4. Remove the battery by lifting on the battery strap with one hand while supporting the battery with the other, taking care not to drop the battery terminal nuts.


Install the parts in the reverse order of removal. Always connect the positive + terminal first. Make sure that bolts and nuts are tight.

Readjust the clock after the battery is reconnected since the clock goes wrong once the battery is disconnected.

For proper handling of the battery, see "Maintenance Fundamentals".

Crankcase Breather

1. Place a drain pan under the crankcase breather tube.

2. Remove the crankcase breather tube and drain deposits.

3. Reinstall the crankcase breather tube.

Crankcase Breather

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