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Riding / Safety information

Rider's Equipment

Do not ride without the correct clothing:

This applies even to short journeys, and to every season of the year. Your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer will be happy to advise you and has the correct clothing for every purpose.


WARNING Reduced riding stability caused by overloading and uneven loading

Accident hazard





If you ride at high speeds, always bear in mind that marginal conditions such as the following can adversely affect the handling of the Scooter:

Risk of poisoning

Exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, which is colorless and odorless but highly toxic.

WARNING Harmful exhaust gas

Danger of suffocation

Burn hazard

CAUTION Intense heating up of engine and exhaust system while riding

Burn hazard

Catalytic converter

There is a danger of overheating and damage if misfiring causes unburned fuel to enter the catalytic converter.

For this reason, observe the following points:

ATTENTION Unburned fuel in the catalytic converter

Damage to catalytic converter

Danger of overheating

ATTENTION Engine idling for a lengthy period while at a standstill

Overheating due to insufficient cooling; in extreme cases vehicle fire


ATTENTION Manipulations on the Scooter (e.g. engine control unit, throttle valves, clutch)

Damage to the affected parts, failure of safety-relevant functions.

Damage resulting from manipulations is not covered by the warranty.

Observe checklist


Before every journey:


At every third refueling stop:

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