Kymco XCITING 500 - Service Manual > Water Pump

Cooling System / Water Pump


Inspect the telltale hole for sign of coolant leakage.

If there is leakage, the mechanical seal is defective, and water pump should be replaced.

Cooling System


Remove the exhaust muffler.

Drain the coolant.

Loosen the hose bands and disconnect the water hoses and bypass hose from the water pump.

Cooling System

Remove he bolts and water pump cover.

Cooling System

Remove the O-ring from the water pump cover.

Cooling System

Remove the water pump body from the crankcase.

Cooling System


Apply engine oil to a new O-ring and install it onto the stepped portion of the water pump.

Install the water pump into the crankcase while aligning the water pump shaft groove with oil pump shaft end.

Cooling System

Align the mounting bolt holes in the water pump and crankcase and make sure the water pump is securely installed.

Install a new O-ring into the groove in the water pump cover.

Install the water pump cover and tighten the bolts to the specified toque.

Torque: 13 N*m (1.3 kgf*m, 9 lbf*ft)

Connect the water hoses and bypass hose, then tighten the hose bands.

Fill the system with recommended coolant and bleed the air.

Cooling System

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