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Alarm system / Alarm function

Alarm activation

The DWA alarm can be set off by:

Alarm signal

The DWA alarm can be set off by:

If the DWA battery is discharged all functions remain operational; the only difference is that the alarm cannot be set off if the system is disconnected from the motorcycle battery.

The duration of the alarm is approx. 26 seconds. During the alarm, an alarm tone sounds and the turn indicators flash. The type of alarm sound can be set by an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

Alarm signal

A triggered alarm can be canceled at any time by pressing the button 1 on the radio-operated key without deactivating the DWA.

If an alarm was triggered while the motorcycle was unattended, the rider is notified accordingly by an alarm tone sounding once when the ignition is switched on. The DWA LED then signals the reason for the alarm for one minute.

Light signals on DWA LED:

Reason for triggering of the alarm

After the alarm function has been deactivated, the DWA LED indicates the reason for any alarm activation which may have occurred for one minute:


Deactivating the alarm function

Deactivating the alarm function

NOTICE If the alarm function is deactivated by means of the remote control and the ignition then not switched on, the alarm function is automatically reactivated after 30 seconds if "Activation after ignition off" has been programmed.


Programming options

The anti-theft alarm system can be adjusted by your BMW Motorrad retailer to your individual needs in the following areas:

The anti-theft alarm system can be adjusted in the Settings, Vehicle settings, Alarm system menu.

Factory settings

The anti-theft alarm system is delivered with the following factory settings:

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Overview with anti-theft alarm system (DWA) OE Any attempt to move the vehicle, change its position, start it without authorization, or disconnect the vehicle battery, results in the alarm being triggered. The sensitivity of the system is designed so that minor vibrations of the motorcycle do not trigger an alarm. Each theft attempt is signaled following activation of the system acoustically with the siren and optically with synchronized flashing of all 4 turn indicators.

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