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Maintenance / Battery

Your KYMCO scooter is equipped with a maintenance-free (sealed) type battery so it is not necessary to check the battery's electrolyte level or add distilled water.

NOTE: If your battery seems weak and/or is leaking electrolyte (causing hard starting or other electrical troubles), contact your KYMCO dealer immediately .

Your battery is a maintenance-free type and can be permanently damaged if the cap strip is removed.

Your scooter's battery gives off explosive hydrogen gas during normal operation. A spark or flame can cause the battery to explode with enough force to kill or seriously hurt you. Wear protective clothing and a face shield, or have a qualified technician perform the battery maintenance.

Battery removal

The battery is in the battery box below seat.

NOTE: Always keep ignition switch OFF when servicing the battery.

Battery removal

1. Open the seat.

2. Remove the cover screws 1 and battery cover 2.

Battery removal

3. Remove the battery retainer 3.

4. Disconnect the negative (-) terminal lead 4 from the battery first, then disconnect the positive (+) terminal lead 5.

5. Pull out the battery from the battery box.

Battery installation:

Install in the reverse order of the battery removal: Connect the positive lead (+) first, then the negative lead (-).


When frequent fuse failures occur, it usually indicates a short circuit or an overload in the electrical system.


NOTE: See your KYMCO dealer for electrical system diagnosis and repair.

Never use a fuse with a different rating from that specified.

Serious damage to the electrical system or a fire may result, causing a dangerous loss of lights or engine power.

Fuse list

30A ... CHARGE fuse protects battery charging system.
15A ... MAIN fuse protects all electrical circuits.
15A ... HEAD-HI/LO fuse protects the headlight high/lower beam and high beam indicator light.
10A ... IGNITION fuse protects the ignition system.
10A ... FAN fuse protects the cooling fan motor.

Fuse box (fuse replacement)

The fuse box 6 is located to left side of the battery in the battery box. The fuses 7 in the box are rated at 10A and 15A.

1. Open the seat.

2. Open the battery cover.

Fuse box (fuse replacement)

3. Open the fuse box cover 6.

Fuse box (fuse replacement)

4. Pull out the failed fuse and install a new fuse.

Spare fuses 8 are located in the battery retainer.

5. Close the fuse box covers and seat.

Charge fuse (charge fuse replacement)

The charge fuse is on located on the starter relay near the right side of the battery in the battery box

NOTE: The charge fuse (and its spare) are rated at 30A

To replace the charge fuse:

1. Open the seat.

2. Remove the battery.

To replace the charge fuse:

3. Disconnect the wire connector 1 of the relay.

To replace the charge fuse:

4. Pull out the old fuse 2 and install a new fuse. The spare fuse is located in the battery retainer.

5. Reconnect the connector.

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