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The brake fluid has a very low compression coefficient so that almost all the movement of the brake lever or pedal is transmitted directly to the caliper for braking action. Air, however, is easily compressed. When air enters the brake lines, brake lever or pedal movement will be partially used in compressing the air. This will make the lever or pedal feel spongy, and there will be a loss in braking power.

WARNING Air in the brake lines diminish braking performance and can cause an accident resulting in injury or death. If the brake lever has a soft or "spongy" feeling mushy when it is applied, there might be air in the brake lines or the brake may be defective. Do not operate the vehicle and service the brake system immediately.



Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

  1. Pump the brake lever until it becomes hard, and apply the brake and hold it [A].
  2. Quickly open and close [B] the bleed valve while holding the brake applied.
  3. Release the brake [C].

Brake Fluid

NOTICE After pumping the brake lever several times, releasing it without opening and closing of the bleed valve may cause brake fluid to be blown back from the master cylinder reservoir. Brake fluid spilt on painted surfaces and plastic parts will quickly damage them. Be sure to open and close the bleed valve.



Torque - Brake Reservoir Cap Screws: 1.6 N*m (0.16 kgf*m, 14 in*lb)

WARNING When working with the disc brake, observe the precautions listed below.

Brake Hose

Brake Hose Removal/Installation

Brake Hose Inspection

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Brake Disc Removal Remove the wheels (see Front/Rear Wheel Removal in the Wheels/Tires chapter). Remove the brake disc mounting bolts [A], and take off the disc [B]. Remove the wheel rotation sensor (speed sensor) rotor [C]. For rear wheel, the rear brake disc has the wheel rotation sensor only on ABS model.

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