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Cooling System / Cooling System Testing


Remove the radiator cap.

Pressure test the radiator cap.

Replace the radiator cap if it does not hold pressure, or if relief pressure is too high or too low.

It must hold the specified pressure for at least six seconds.

Before installing the cap in the tester, wet the sealing surfface.

Cooling System

Radiator Cap Relief Pressure: 108 kPa (1.1 kg/cm², 16 psi)

Pressurize the radiator, engine and hoses, and check for leaks.

Excessive pressure can damage the cooling system components. Do not exceed 137 kPa (1.4 kg/cm², 20 psi).

Repair or replace components if the system will not hold the specified pressure for at least six seconds.

Cooling System



Recommended mixture: 1:1 (Distilled water and antifreeze)

Cooling System


Remove the front cover.

Remove the front lower cover.

When filling the system or reserve tank with coolant (checking the coolant level), place the scooter in a vertical position on a flat, level surface.

Remove the radiator cap.

Cooling System

Disconnect the water lower hose and drain the coolant from the system.

Cooling System

Remove the floor mat.

Remove the screw and reserve tank lid.

Cooling System

Remove the reserve tank cap and drain the coolant from the reserve tank.

Reconnect the water lower hose securely.

Cooling System

Place the scooter on its center stand on a flat, level surface.

Fill the reserve tank to the upper level line.

Cooling System

Fill the system with the recommended coolant through the filler opening up to the filler neck.

Cooling System

Bleed air from the system as follow:

1. Start the engine and let it idle for 2−3 minutes.

2. Snap the throttle three to four times to bleed air from the system.

3. Stop the engine and add coolant to the proper level if necessary. Reinstall the radiator cap.

4. Check the level of coolant in the reserve tank and fill to the upper level if it is low.

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