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Fuel System (DFI) / Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump Removal

WARNING Gasoline is extremely flammable and can be explosive under certain conditions, creating the potential for serious burns. Make sure the area is well ventilated and free from any source of flame or sparks; this includes any appliance with a pilot light. Do not smoke. Turn the ignition switch off. Disconnect the battery (-) terminal. To avoid fuel spills, draw it from the tank when the engine is cold. Be prepared for fuel spillage; any spilled fuel must be completely wiped up immediately.

NOTICE Never drop the fuel pump especially on a hard surface.

Such a shock to the injector can damage it.

Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump Installation

Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump Operation Inspection



Fuel Pump Operating Voltage Inspection



Special Tool - Measuring Adapter: 57001-1700

Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump Operating Voltage
 Connections to Adapter:
  Digital Meter (+) → R (main harness R/BK) lead
  Digital Meter (-) → BK (main harness G) lead

Operating Voltage
 Standard: Battery Voltage for 3 seconds, and then 0 V

Fuel Pump

Pressure Regulator Removal

Fuel Pump

Fuel Filter Cleaning

Fuel Pump

WARNING Gasoline and low flash-point solvents can be flammable and/or explosive and cause severe burns. Clean the fuel filter in a well-ventilated area, and take care that there are no sparks or flame anywhere near the working area. Do not use gasoline or low flash-point solvents to clean the fuel filter.

If the fuel filter is damaged, replace it.

Fuel Pump Circuit

Fuel Pump

  1. ECU
  2. Fuel Pump
  3. Engine Stop Switch
  4. Fuse Box
  5. Ignition Fuse 15 A
  6. Charging/ECU Fuse 30 A
  7. Ignition Switch
  8. Side Stand Switch
  9. Fuel Pump Relay
  10. Battery
  11. Engine Ground
  12. Frame Ground 1
  13. ECU Relay

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Fuel Pressure Inspection NOTE Be sure the battery is fully charged.   Remove the fuel hose (see Fuel Hose Replacement in the Periodic Maintenance chapter). Be sure to place a piece of cloth around the fuel outlet pipe of the fuel pump and the fuel pipe of the intake manifold.

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