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Fuel System (DFI) / Throttle Grip and Cables

Throttle Grip Free Play Inspection

Throttle Grip Free Play Adjustment

Throttle Cable Removal

Throttle Grip and Cables

Throttle Grip and Cables

Throttle Cable Installation

Throttle Grip and Cables

WARNING Operation with incorrectly routed or improperly adjusted cables could result in an unsafe riding condition.

Be sure the cables are routed correctly and properly adjusted.

Cable Lubrication

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 Kawasaki J300 - Service manual > Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump Removal WARNING Gasoline is extremely flammable and can be explosive under certain conditions, creating the potential for serious burns. Make sure the area is well ventilated and free from any source of flame or sparks; this includes any appliance with a pilot light. Do not smoke. Turn the ignition switch off. Disconnect the battery (-) terminal. To avoid fuel spills, draw it from the tank when the engine is cold. Be prepared for fuel spillage; any spilled fuel must be completely wiped up immediately.

 Kawasaki J300 - Service manual > Throttle Body Assy

Idle Speed Inspection Refer to the Idle Speed Inspection in the Periodic Maintenance chapter. Throttle Bore Cleaning Check the throttle bore for cleanliness as follows. Remove the throttle body assy (see Throttle Body Assy Removal). Check the throttle valve [A] and throttle bore [B] for carbon deposit by opening the throttle valve.