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Electronic Instrument Functioning Principle / Functions of the instrument panel

Instrument panel indicator lamps:


  1. Control button.

Two versions are available:

1. Basic version featuring a STOP indicator light (B).

2. ABS/MBS version featuring an ABS indicator light (B)

Initializing the system

When preparing the vehicle, switch off the ignition and connect the battery. The system initializes itself when connecting the battery.

The battery must never be connected or disconnected when the ignition is switched on.

The instrument panel initializes itself every time the ignition is switched on:

All warning lights are switched on.

If this is not the case, switch the ignition off, disconnect and re-connect the battery.

After initializing, the low oil, stoplight or ABS, injection diagnosis indicator lights remain on.

Analog functions (hands)


Double-scale indication, kilometres/miles.

Vehicle without ABS/MBS: The signal is supplied by the speed sensor mounted on the front wheel.

Vehicle with ABS/MBS: The signal is sent by the ABS/MBS ECU.

Revolution counter.

Vehicle with Magneti Marelli ECU: 2 pulses per engine revolution.

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