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Fuel System (DFI) / Ignition Coil (Service Code 37)

Ignition Coil Removal/Installation

Ignition Coil Input Voltage Inspection



Ignition Coil (Service Code 37)

Special Tool - Needle Adapter Set: 57001-1457

Ignition Coil Input Voltage
 Connections to ECU Connector:
  Digital Meter (+) → G/BR lead (terminal 11) [C]
  Digital Meter (-) → Battery (-) Terminal

Input Voltage
 Standard: Battery Voltage

Ignition Coil Circuit

Ignition Coil (Service Code 37)

  1. ECU
  2. Spark Plug
  3. Ignition Coil
  4. Engine Stop Switch
  5. Fuse Box
  6. Ignition Fuse 15 A
  7. Charging/ECU Fuse 30 A
  8. Ignition Switch
  9. Side Stand Switch
  10. Battery
  11. Engine Ground
  12. Frame Ground 1
  13. ECU Relay

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NOTE Be sure the battery is fully charged.   Turn the ignition switch off. Remove the storage box (see Storage Box Removal in the Frame chapter). Disconnect the injector connector and connect the measuring adapter [A] between these connector.

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Fuel Pump Relay Removal NOTICE Never drop the fuel pump relay especially on a hard surface. Such a shock to the relay can damage it. Remove the front fairing (see Front Fairing Removal in the Frame chapter). Remove the fuel pump relay [A] and disconnect the connector.