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Fuel System/Fuel Pump/Fuel Tank/Carburetor


The fuel pump is operated by an electromagnetic force and its electrical energy is supplied from the battery. The fuel sent under pressure by the fuel pump flows into the float chamber when the float of the carburetor has dropped and the needle valve is open. When the needle valve closes, the pressure of the fuel in the hose connecting the carburetor and the fuel pump increases, and when the set pressure is reached, the operation of the fuel pump is stopped by the fuel pressure to prevent excessive supply.


When voltage is applied between the fuel pump terminals, current flows into the solenoid coil which then pulls up the plunger together with the diaphragm allowing fuel to be drawn into the pump. At this time, the contact which is linked with the plunger opens and interrupts current causing the coil to be de-energized. This allows the diaphragm to go down by the spring force, thereby pressurizing and delivering fuel to the outlet. When the fuel pressure builds up and overcomes the spring force, the plunger stops at pulled up position with the contact in open position.

Fuel System/Fuel Pump/Fuel Tank/Carburetor




Fuel System/Fuel Pump/Fuel Tank/Carburetor


Engine does not start

Engine idles roughly, stalls or runs poorly

Throttle does not open fully, so engine stalls

Rich mixture

Engine is hard to start

Lean mixture

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REMOVAL Remove the luggage box. Loosen the air cleaner clamp screw. Loosen the carburetor clamp screw. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the carburetor. Pull the carburetor out from the air cleaner and intake manifold.