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DFI Servicing Precautions There are a number of important precautions that should be followed servicing the DFI system. This DFI system is designed to be used with a 12 V sealed battery as its power source. Do not use any other battery except for a 12 V sealed battery as a power source. Do not reverse the battery cable connections. This will damage the ECU. To prevent damage to the DFI parts, do not disconnect the battery cables or any other electrical connections when the ignition switch is on, or while the engine is running. Take care not to short the leads that are directly connected to the battery positive (+) terminal to the chassis ground. When charging, remove the battery from the motorcycle.

 Kawasaki J300 - Service manual > Self-Diagnosis Outline

The self-diagnosis system is monitoring the DFI system and ignition system. The ECU notifies the rider of troubles in DFI system and ignition system by blinking the yellow engine warning indicator light (LED) [A] when DFI and ignition system parts are faulty, and initiates fail-safe function. In case of serious troubles, ECU stops the injection and ignition operations.