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Maintenance and Adjustment / Suspension System

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 Kawasaki J300 - Owner's Manual > Throttle Control System

Throttle Grip Throttle Grip Free Play Inspection Check that the throttle grip moves smoothly from full open to close, and the throttle closes quickly and completely by the return spring in all steering positions. If the throttle grip does not return properly, have the throttle control system checked by an authorized Kawasaki dealer. Check the throttle grip free play by turning back and forth. Throttle Grip Throttle Grip Play

 Kawasaki J300 - Owner's Manual > Front Fork

NOTICE After riding on the normal road, the unpaved road and in the rainy weather, clean off any dirt (grit, mud or insect etc.) that stuck to inner tube before it hardens. If the motorcycle keeps running with the dirt stuck to the inner tube, the oil seal will be damaged and it causes the oil leak.