Kymco XCITING 500 - Service Manual > Water temperature sensor

Cooling System / Water temperature sensor


Remove the side body cover.

Disconnect the water temperature sensor connector.

Remove the water temperature sensor.

Cooling System


Connect the water temperature sensor to the ohmmeter and dip it in oil contained in a pan which is placed on an electric heater.

Gradually raise oil temperature while reading the thermometer in the pan and the ohmmeter connected. If the resistance measured is out of specification, replace the temperature gauge with a new one.

Cooling System

Cooling System

After the water temperature sensor has been installed, fill coolant and perform air bleeding.


With thread lock applied to the threaded part, tighten the water temperature sensor.

Torque: 8 N*m (0.8 kgf*m, 5.8 lbf*ft)



Remove the floorboard.

Remove the two nuts and radiator reserve tank from the frame.

Cooling System

Open the reserve tank cap and drain the coolant from the reserve tank.

Disconnect the siphon hose.


Installation is in the reverse order of removal.

Pour the recommended coolant to the upper level line with the center stand applied

Cooling System

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