Kymco XCITING 500 - Service Manual > Engine Removal/Installation

Engine Removal/Installation

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REMOVAL Remove the side body cover. Disconnect the water temperature sensor connector. Remove the water temperature sensor.

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GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS During engine removal and installation, support the scooter on its main stand. Support the frame using a jack or other adjustable support to ease of engine hanger bolt removal. The following components require engine removal for serviced with the engine installed in the frame. Oil pump (Section 4) Water pump (Section 6) Cylinder head (Section 8) Cylinder/Piston (Section 9) Drive and driven pulleys/clutch (Section 10) Final reduction (Section 11) Alternator/Starter clutch (Section 12) The following components require engine removal for service. Crankshaft/Crankcase/Balancer (Section 13)