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Flasher unit.

The instrument panel is equipped with one flasher unit per side.

A buzzer reminds the driver of the direction indicators.

For the hazard warning lights, both flasher units operate.

The flasher unit is protected against accidental short-circuits.

The ignition must be turned on again to activate the hazard warning lights function.

The hazard warning lights can only operate with the ignition off if they were turned on before switching off the ignition.

The hazard warning lights are switched off automatically 1 hour after the ignition was switched off, to perserve the battery.

When a flasher bulb has failed the repeater light and the other flasher light flash more quickly to alert the rider of a failure.

Instrument panel indicator lamps.

Basic version:

To allow a better warning of the driver, the stop warning light will come on besides the specific alarm warning light in the following cases:

Lighting control.

The instrument panel controls the lighting of the vehicle. When the ignition is switched on, the parking lights go on. The headlight goes on when the engine is started (Depending on the position of the dip beam/high beam switch).

In the high beam position, both dip beam and high beam are on simultaneously.

The headlight remains on as long as the vehicle runs, even if the engine stalled, and remains on 7 s after the vehicle stopped running.

The headlight remains on for 3 s after the ignition was switched off, when the wehicle is stopped.

ABS/MBS system control.

The ABS/MBS ECU remains powered as long as the vehicle runs, even if the engine stalled.


Revolution counter and speedometer hands are not synchronized when switching the ignition on.

The engine speed displayed is the double of the actual speed. Faulty detection of the measuring system.

Vehicle with Magneti Marelli system. Temperature sensor circuit not detected.

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