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Engine Top End / Camshaft

Camshaft Removal


Camshaft Installation

Cam Wear Inspection

Cam Height
  Exhaust 34.1721 mm (1.34535 in.)
  Intake 34.2987 mm (1.35033 in.)


Camshaft Bearing Inspection


Camshaft Sprocket Removal


NOTICE Always strain the camshaft chain while turning the crankshaft when the camshaft chain is loose. This avoids kinking the chain on the camshaft chain drive sprocket. A kinked chain could damage both the chain and the sprocket.

Camshaft Sprocket Installation


NOTICE Rotation of the crankshaft with improper camshaft timing could cause the valve to contact each other or the piston, and bend. If any resistance is felt when turning the crankshaft, stop immediately, and check the camshaft chain timing.

Camshaft Chain Removal


Camshaft Chain Installation

Camshaft Chain Guide Wear Inspection

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