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Frequent cleaning and polishing is important to ensure the life of your Honda. A clean scooter makes it easier to spot potential problems.

In particular, seawater and salts used to prevent ice on roads promote the formation of corrosion. Always wash your scooter thoroughly after riding on coastal or treated roads.

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Instruments, Controls, & Other Features Ignition key Except U, KO type The ignition key contains a special coded chip that is recognized by the immobilizer system (HISS) in order to start the engine. Handle the key carefully to prevent damaging the HISS components. Do not bend keys or subject them to undue stress. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or high temperatures. Do not grind, drill or in any way alter their shape. Do not expose to strong magnetic objects.

 Honda NSS300 Forza - Owner's Manual > Washing

Allow the engine, muffler, brakes, and other high-temperature parts to cool before washing. 1. Rinse your scooter thoroughly using a garden hose to remove loose dirt. 2. If necessary, use a sponge or a soft towel with mild cleaner to remove road grime. Clean the windscreen, headlight lens, panels, and other plastic components with extra care to avoid scratching them. Avoid directing water into the air cleaner, muffler, and electrical parts.