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If you store your scooter outdoors, you should consider using a full-body motorcycle cover.

If you won't be riding for an extended period, follow these guidelines:

After removing your scooter from storage, inspect all maintenance items required by the Maintenance Schedule.

Transporting Your Scooter

If your scooter needs to be transported, it should be carried on a motorcycle trailer or a flatbed truck or trailer that has a loading ramp or lifting platform, and motorcycle tie-down straps. Never try to tow your scooter with a wheel or wheels on the ground.

NOTICE Towing your scooter can cause serious damage to the transmission.

You & the Environment

Owning and riding a scooter can be enjoyable, but you must do your part to protect the environment.

Choose Sensible Cleaners

Use a biodegradable detergent when you wash your scooter. Avoid aerosol spray cleaners that contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which damage the atmosphere's protective ozone layer.

Recycle Wastes

Put oil and other toxic wastes in approved containers and take them to a recycling centre.

Call your local or state office of public works or environmental services to find a recycling centre in your area, and to get instructions on how to dispose of non-recyclable wastes. Do not place used engine oil in the trash, or pour it down a drain or on the ground. Used oil, petrol, coolant, and cleaning solvents contain poisons that can hurt refuse workers and contaminate drinking water, lakes, rivers, and oceans.

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Allow the engine, muffler, brakes, and other high-temperature parts to cool before washing. 1. Rinse your scooter thoroughly using a garden hose to remove loose dirt. 2. If necessary, use a sponge or a soft towel with mild cleaner to remove road grime. Clean the windscreen, headlight lens, panels, and other plastic components with extra care to avoid scratching them. Avoid directing water into the air cleaner, muffler, and electrical parts.

 Honda NSS300 Forza - Owner's Manual > Serial Numbers

The frame and engine serial numbers uniquely identify your scooter and are required in order to register your scooter. They may also be required when ordering replacement parts. The frame number is stamped on the rear of the frame body inside the luggage box.