Peugeot Satelis - Owner's Manual > Level checks

Level checks

Engine oil 125 cc.

Oil level inspection via the inspection window.

Level checks

The engine oil level should always be checked before you leave.

Too much oil will noticeably restrict the vehicle's performance.

Level checks

To top up with oil, the driver's saddle must be removed to give access to the filler cap. (1)

Engine oil-Relay box oil

250 cc-300 cc-400 cc-500 cc.

Oil level inspection with the cap/gauge.


Level checks

Relay box 250/300/400/500

Level checks


The filler cap/gauge is located in the rear shield panel after removing the hatch. (1)

Level checks

The coolant level must be cold checked regularly and topped up only with coolant recommended by the manufacturer.

Brake fluid

The brake fluid levels must be checked regularly through the braking unit inspection window (1).

Level checks

If the level is close to the minimum mark, we advise you to go to a registered dealer to have the braking system checked and topped up if necessary.

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The fuel tank should only be filled when the engine is completely off and avoiding overflowing. Any overflows must be wiped up immediately. To reduce fuel consumption and protect your vehicle's mechanics. Avoid using very high revs over very short distances. Do not race the engine when declutched. Ensure that the weight of the user, the passenger, luggage and accessories does not exceed the maximum authorised load. Switch off the engine, even during a short halt.

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Tyre pressure should be cold-checked regularly. Incorrect pressure causes abnormal wear and affects road behaviour, thus making driving dangerous. If the wear limit on the tread is reached (A), you are advised to go to a registered dealer to change the tyres.