Peugeot Satelis - Owner's Manual > Tyres


Tyre pressure should be cold-checked regularly.

Incorrect pressure causes abnormal wear and affects road behaviour, thus making driving dangerous.

If the wear limit on the tread is reached (A), you are advised to go to a registered dealer to change the tyres.


When replacing tyres, you are advised to mount tyres of the same brand and equivalent quality. In case of puncture, it is forbidden to mount an inner tube in a tubeless tyre.

Tyres contain substances that are harmful to the environment. Your dealer is equipped to dispose of used tyres without endangering the environment in compliance with current standards.


Make sure you check that the battery is disconnected before performing any operations on it. Battery power leads must never be disconnected while the engine is running. Batteries contain harmful products. In case of leakage, you are advised to consult a registered dealer who is equipped to replace and dispose of batteries without endangering nature and the environment.


The battery must be charged in a well-ventilated area with a suitable charger that can feed a tenth of the battery capacity to avoid premature destruction. You are therefore advised to go to a registered dealer to carry out this operation.

Batteries contain sulphuric acid. Do not allow it to come into contact with skin or eyes. While the battery is charging, it can release explosive gases. Keep sources of sparks, flames and incandescent products away from it.

Battery fluid shall be topped up after full charge of the battery and with demineralized water only.

Maintenance-free batteries

A maintenance-free battery must never be opened for topping up.

Battery requiring maintenance

Check and top up the level between the "UPPER" (maximum) and "LOWER" (minimum) marks.

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Engine oil 125 cc. Oil level inspection via the inspection window. Place the vehicle on its central stand on flat ground.

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The electrical system is protected by fuses placed near the battery. (1) (fuses from F1 to F7) If a fuse often blows this is usually a sign of a short circuit in the electrical circuit. You are advised to have the system checked by a registered dealer.