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Miscellaneous Operations

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 Peugeot Satelis - Service manual > Bleed procedure

Reminder: The rear brake hydraulic system is drained using the LH lever. The front brake hydraulic system is drained using the RH lever. The front and rear brake systems are drained the usual way. The brake assistance circuit is drained by actuating the modulator pump by means of the diagnostic tool.

 Peugeot Satelis - Service manual > Procedure for reducing the fuel circuit pressure

Procedure 10. Remove the battery bracket. See: Procedure 9. Disconnect the fuel injector. Remove the fuel injector without disconnecting the supply hose. Connect the fuel injector power supply harness tool P/N 756017 to the fuel injector and the battery. Place the injector above a pan. Actuate the contact switch of the tool 3 times for 5 seconds while respecting a released time of 5 seconds between each action, in order to drop the pressure inside the supply hose of the fuel manifold.