BMW C400GT - Rider's Manual > Navigation

TFT display / Navigation


WARNING Operation of a smartphone while riding or with the engine running

Accident hazard

WARNING Distraction from traffic conditions and loss of control

Risk of accident through the use of integrated information systems and communication devices during the journey


The vehicle is connected to a compatible mobile end device.


The BMW Motorrad Connected App is installed on the mobile end device.

NOTICE On some mobile devices, e.g.

with operating system iOS, the BMW Motorrad Connected App must be called up before using.

Entering destination address

Selecting a destination from previous destinations

Selecting a destination from favorites

Entering special destinations

The following places can be selected:

For example, the following special destination can be selected:

Specifying route criteria

The following criteria can be selected:

The number of switched on avoidances is displayed in parentheses.

Ending route guidance

Switching spoken instructions on or off

Repeating the last spoken instruction

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