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Operating elements

All contents of the display are controlled by the Multi-Controller 1 and the rocker button MENU 2.

The following functions are possible depending on the context.

Functions of the Multi-Controller

Turn the Multi-Controller up:

Turn the Multi-Controller down:

Tilt Multi-Controller to the left:

Tilt Multi-Controller to the right:

Rocker button MENU functions

NOTICE Instructions given by the navigation system are displayed as a dialog if the Navigation menu is not called up. The operation of the rocker button MENU is temporarily restricted.

Briefly press the MENU up:

MENU long press up:

MENU short press down:

MENU long press down:

Operating instructions in the main menu

Operating instructions in the main menu

The operating instructions indicate whether and which interactions are possible.

Operating instructions in the main menu

Meaning of the operating instructions:

Operating instructions in submenus

In addition to the operating instructions in the main menu, there are additional operating instructions in submenus.

Operating instructions in submenus

Meaning of the operating instructions:

Display Pure view

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Some items are preceded by a box. The box indicates whether the function is switched on or off.