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Switching functions on and off

Some items are preceded by a box. The box indicates whether the function is switched on or off.

Action symbols after the menu items illustrate what is switched by briefly tilting the Multi-Controller to the right.

Examples for switching on and off:

Calling up the menu

Calling up the menu

The following menus can be called up:

  • My vehicle
  • Navigation
  • Media
  • Telephone
  • Settings

NOTICE The Settings menu can only be called up while stationary.

Moving the cursor in lists

Moving the cursor in lists

Confirming the selection

Confirming the selection

Calling up the last menu used

Operating focus change

When the Navigator is connected, you can switch between the operation of the Navigator and the TFT display.

Changing the operating focus

See also:

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All contents of the display are controlled by the Multi-Controller 1 and the rocker button MENU 2.

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Requirement The motorcycle is stopped. The Pure view is displayed. Switching on ignition. In the TFT display, all information necessary for operation on public roads is provided by the onboard computer. The information can be displayed in the upper status line. Selecting the content of the rider info status line. Press and hold button 1 to display the Pure view. Press button 1 briefly to select the value in the upper status line 2.