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The motorcycle is stopped. The Pure view is displayed.


The following values can be indicated:

Average fuel consumption 1

Average fuel consumption 2

Riding time 1

Riding time 2

Inactive period 1

Inactive period 2

Average speed 1

Average speed 2

Fuel gage.


Selecting the content of the rider info status line

Making settings

Making settings

Switching road sign detection on or off


The vehicle is connected to the Navigator or a compatible mobile end device. The BMW Motorrad Connected App is installed on the mobile end device.

Pure and Urban views

Pure view

Pure view

In the Pure view, all information required for operation on public roads is made available.

The speedometer 1 shows the current vehicle speed.

Pressing the top of the MENU rocker button briefly displays the range 2 instead of the fuel gage.

The range 2 indicates the distance that can still be traveled with the remaining fuel. This distance is calculated based on fuel quantity and average consumption.

Urban view

Urban view

As additional information, the Urban display also shows the engine speed in a numerical display 1 and a bar display 2.

It can be opened via the main menu.

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