BMW C400GT - Rider's Manual > General settings

TFT display / General settings

Adjusting the volume

Setting the date

Setting the date format

Set clock

WARNING Adjusting the clock while riding

Accident hazard


Switching the automatic time setting on or off

NOTICE Depending on the equipment, the time of day is updated automatically.

WARNING Adjusting the clock while riding

Accident hazard


Setting the time format

WARNING Adjusting the clock while riding

Accident hazard


Setting the unit of measurement

The following units of measurement can be set:

Setting the language

The following languages can be set:

Adjusting brightness

Resetting all settings

The settings of the following menus are reset:

Existing Bluetooth connections are not deleted.

Onboard computer with connectivity

Calling up the onboard computer

Resetting the onboard computer

The following values can be individually reset:

Calling up the travel onboard computer

Resetting the travel onboard computer

See also:

 BMW C400GT - Rider's Manual > Changing the display for rider info status line

Requirement The motorcycle is stopped. The Pure view is displayed. Switching on ignition. In the TFT display, all information necessary for operation on public roads is provided by the onboard computer. The information can be displayed in the upper status line. Selecting the content of the rider info status line. Press and hold button 1 to display the Pure view. Press button 1 briefly to select the value in the upper status line 2.

 BMW C400GT - Rider's Manual > Bluetooth

Short-range radio technology The Bluetooth function may not be offered depending on the country of use. Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology. Bluetooth devices are short-range devices (transmitting with a limited range) on the license-free ISM band (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) between 2.402 GHz and 2.480 GHz. They can be operated anywhere in the world without requiring a license.