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TFT display / Bluetooth

Short-range radio technology

The Bluetooth function may not be offered depending on the country of use.

Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology. Bluetooth devices are short-range devices (transmitting with a limited range) on the license-free ISM band (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) between 2.402 GHz and 2.480 GHz. They can be operated anywhere in the world without requiring a license.

Although Bluetooth is designed to establish robust links over a short distance, disturbances are possible, as they are with any wireless technology. Links may be disturbed, interrupted briefly or lost entirely. Especially when several devices are operated in one Bluetooth network, there is no guarantee for smooth operation in every situation.

Possible sources of interference:

Bluetooth pairing

Before two Bluetooth devices can be linked to one another, they must recognize each other.

This process of mutual recognition is known as "pairing". Because two devices that have been paired remember each other, the Bluetooth pairing process only needs to be conducted once, on initial contact.

NOTICE On some mobile devices, e.g.

with operating system iOS, the BMW Motorrad Connected App must be called up before using.

During the Bluetooth pairing process, the TFT display searches for other Bluetooth-capable devices within its reception range.

The conditions that have to be satisfied before the audio system can recognize another device are as follows:

Please consult the operating instructions for your communication system.

Pairing Bluetooth

The connection status for mobile end devices is displayed.

Connecting a mobile end device

Mobile end devices are searched for.

During the Bluetooth pairing, the Bluetooth symbol flashes in the lower status line.

Visible mobile end devices are displayed.

Connecting rider's and passenger's helmets

Helmets are searched for.

During the Bluetooth pairing, the Bluetooth symbol flashes in the lower status line.

Visible helmets are displayed.

Deleting connections

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