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Operation / Parking

1. After stopping the scooter turn the ignition switch counterclockwise to the "" (OFF) position and remove the key.


2. Use the center stand to support the scooter while parked.

Always park your the scooter on firm, level ground to help prevent it from falling over.

If you must park on an incline, aim the front of your scooter uphill and place it on the center stand.

If you are parking an Xciting 500i / 500Ri model, you can use the side stand in combination with the parking brake.


3. Lock the steering to help prevent theft.

The exhaust pipe and muffler become very hot during operation and remain sufficiently hot for some time after stopping the engine to inflict serious burns.

Park your scooter where pedestrians or children are not likely to touch the muffler.

Make sure flammable materials such as dry grass or leaves do not come in contact with the exhaust system when parking your scooter.

Break-in recommendations

The first 1000 miles (1600 km) of riding are the most important in the life of your scooter. Proper break-in operation during this time will help ensure maximum life and performance from your new scooter. Proper break-in operation allows the machined surfaces to polish each other and mate smoothly.

Your scooter's reliability and performance depend on special care and restraint exercised during the break-in period. It is especially important that you avoid operating the engine in a manner which could expose the engine parts to excessive heat.

The following guidelines should be followed during the break-in period:

Maximum throttle operation:
  Initial 500 miles (800 km): ........ Less than 1/2 throttle
  Up to 1000 miles (1600 km): .... Less than 3/4 throttle

Vary the engine speed:

The engine speed should be varied and not held at a constant rate for long periods of time. This allows the parts to be "loaded" with pressure, and then unloaded, allowing the parts to cool.

This aids in the mating process of the engine and transmission components. It is essential that some stress be placed on these components during break-in to ensure this mating process. Do not, however, apply excessive load on the scooter's drive line.

Avoid constant low speed:

Operating the engine at constant low speed (light load) can cause parts to glaze and not seat in properly. Allow the engine to accelerate freely through the gears, without exceeding the recommended throttle openings.

Avoid using full throttle for the first 1600 km (1000 miles).

The initial service:

Observe your first and most critical service The 600 mile (1000 km) initial service is the most important service your scooter will receive. During the break-in period all of the engine components will have worn in, and all of the other parts will have seated in, so adjustments will be required. All fasteners will be tightened, and the contaminated engine oil will be replaced.

NOTE: Completion of the 600 mile (1000 km) initial service will ensure optimum service life and performance from your scooter. Do not delay in having this service performed once your scooter reaches this mileage.

The 1000 km (600 miles) service should be performed as outlined in the maintenance schedule section of this owner's manual. Pay particular attention to the caution and warning in maintenance schedule section.

Unless you have formal training as a service technician and have access to KYMCO technical reference materials, it is strongly suggested that you have the initial service performed by a KYMCO dealer.

Breaking in the new tires

New tires need proper break-in to assure maximum performance, just as your scooter's engine does. Wear in the tread surface by gradually increasing your cornering lean angles over the first 100 miles (160 km) before attempting maximum lean angles. Avoid hard acceleration, hard cornering, and hard braking for the first 100 miles (160 km).

Failure to break in your tires could cause the tires to slip and could result in you losing control of the scooter.

Use extra care when riding on new tires. Perform proper break-in of the tires as described in this Owner's Manual and avoid hard acceleration, hard cornering, and hard braking for the first 100 miles (160 km).

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NOTE: After starting, allow the engine oil to circulate before riding your scooter. Allow sufficient idling time after warm or cold engine start up before applying load or revving the engine. This allows time for the lubricating oil to reach all critical engine components.

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