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Operation / Riding

NOTE: After starting, allow the engine oil to circulate before riding your scooter. Allow sufficient idling time after warm or cold engine start up before applying load or revving the engine. This allows time for the lubricating oil to reach all critical engine components.

NOTE: Review the scooter safety recommendations on pages 6 and 7 before you ride.

Make sure flammable materials such as dry grass or leaves do not come in contact with the exhaust system when riding, idling, or parking your scooter.

1. Make sure the throttle is closed and the parking brake 3 (Xciting 500i and 500Ri models) is engaged before moving the scooter off the center stand. On other models, squeeze the left brake lever as you move the scooter off of the center stand.


The rear wheel must be locked when moving the scooter off the center stand or loss of control may result.


2. Stand on the left side of the scooter and push it forward and off the center stand.


3. Mount the scooter from the left side keeping at least one foot on the ground to steady the scooter.


4. Unlock the rear wheel by releasing the parking brake lever 4 (Xciting 500i and 500Ri models).

5. Before starting off, indicate your direction with the turn signals, and check the conditions to see if it is safe to enter traffic.

Grasp the handlebars firmly with both hands. Never attempt one-handed operation, as a loss of vehicle control could result.


6. To accelerate, open the throttle gradually; the scooter will move forward.

7. To decelerate, close throttle.


8. When slowing down the scooter, coordination of the throttle and front and rear brakes is important. Both front and rear brakes should be applied together. Independent use of only the front or rear brake reduces stopping performance.

Excessive braking can cause either wheel to lock, reducing your control of the scooter.


9. When approaching a corner or turn, close the throttle fully and slow the scooter down by simultaneously applying both front and rear brakes.

10. After completing the turn, open the throttle gradually to accelerate the scooter.


11. When descending a steep grade, close the throttle fully and apply both brakes to slow the scooter.

Avoid continuous use of the brakes, which may result in overheating and reduction of braking system's efficiency.

12. When riding on wet or loose surfaces, be especially cautious.

When riding in wet or rainy conditions or on loose surfaces, your ability to maneuver and stop will be reduced.

For your safety:

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Always follow the proper starting procedure described here and on the following pages. NOTE: Your scooter is equipped with a side stand ignition cut-off system. The engine cannot be started if the side stand is down. A running engine will shut off if the side stand is lowered.

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1. After stopping the scooter turn the ignition switch counterclockwise to the "" (OFF) position and remove the key.