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Operation / Starting the engine

Always follow the proper starting procedure described here and on the following pages.

NOTE: Your scooter is equipped with a side stand ignition cut-off system. The engine cannot be started if the side stand is down. A running engine will shut off if the side stand is lowered.

Your scooter's exhaust emits poisonous carbon monoxide gas. High levels of carbon monoxide can collect rapidly in enclosed areas such as a garage. Do not run the scooter's engine with the garage door closed. Even with the door open, run the engine only long enough to move your scooter out of the garage.

To protect the catalytic converter in your scooter's exhaust system, avoid idling for extending periods of time and do not use leaded gasoline.

To prevent damage to the starter motor, do not operate the starter motor for more than five seconds at a time. If the scooter fails to start immediately, check the fuel level and the battery condition, and allow the starter motor to cool before attempting to start the engine again.

1. Place your scooter on its center stand and put the side stand up.

2. Lock the rear wheel by engaging the parking brake (on Xciting 500i and 500Ri models 1).

Starting the engine

Once the scooter starts the rear wheel may spin. To avoid injury, keep your body and clothing away from the rear wheel.

Set the parking brake on Xciting 500i and 500Ri models with the scooter on the center stand so the rear wheel does not spin during starting.

Starting the engine

3. Open the ignition key-hole shutter.

4. Insert the ignition key and rotate the ignition switch to "" ON.

Starting the engine

5. Squeeze the left (rear) brake lever.

NOTE: the electric starter will only work when the left (rear) brake lever is squeezed and the side stand is up.

Starting the engine

6. With the throttle closed, press the starter button. Release the starter button as soon as the engine starts

NOTE: The low oil pressure indicator on the dash should go off within a few seconds of the engine starting. If the light stays on, stop the engine immediately and check the engine oil level.

Operating your scooter's engine with insufficient oil pressure can cause serious engine damage.

7. Keep the throttle closed while warming up the engine (keep the parking brake engaged on Xciting 500i and 500Ri models).

Starting the engine

8. Allow the engine to warm up fully before riding.

Do not "BLIP" the throttle (opening it and closing it rapidly) as the scooter will move forward suddenly.

Do not leave the scooter unattended while the engine is warming up.

Ignition cut off

(Xciting 250i/Ri, 300i/Ri & 500i/Ri models)

These versions of the Xciting scooter are designed to automatically stop the engine and fuel pump if the scooter is tipped over (a angle detection sensor cuts off the ignition system). If your scooter has been tipped over, you must turn the ignition switch to the OFF position and then back to ON to reset this sensor before you can restart the engine.

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Pre-ride inspection For your safety, it is very important to take a few moments before each ride to walk around your scooter and check its condition. If you detect any problem, be sure to address it immediately, or have it corrected by your KYMCO dealer.

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NOTE: After starting, allow the engine oil to circulate before riding your scooter. Allow sufficient idling time after warm or cold engine start up before applying load or revving the engine. This allows time for the lubricating oil to reach all critical engine components.