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Pre-ride inspection

For your safety, it is very important to take a few moments before each ride to walk around your scooter and check its condition. If you detect any problem, be sure to address it immediately, or have it corrected by your KYMCO dealer.

Improperly maintaining your scooter or failing to correct a problem before riding can cause a crash in which you can be seriously hurt or killed.

Always perform a pre-ride inspection before every ride and correct any problems.

1. Engine oil level: Add engine oil if required. Check for leaks.

2. Fuel level: Fill fuel tank when necessary. Check for leaks.

3. Coolant level: Add coolant if required. Check for fluid leaks.

4. Front and rear brakes: Check operation, make sure there is no brake fluid leakage.

5. Tires: Check condition and inflation pressure.

6. Throttle: Check for smooth operation and that it closes completely in all steering positions.

7. Lights and horn: Check that headlight, tail/brake light, turn signals, indicators and horn function properly.

8. Engine stop switch: Check for proper function.

9. Side stand ignition cut-off system: Check for proper function.

10.Steering: Check for condition and smoothness.

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