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Body Panels

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 Peugeot Satelis - Service manual > Electricity/Location of Components

ELECTRICITY 4 stroke indirect injection system functional diagram Injection ECU. Engine speed and position sensor. Petrol injector. Fuel pump. Ignition coil. Lambda sensor. Starter motor switch. Starter motor relay. Cooling fan. Fan relay. Injection relay. Battery. Ignition switch. Transponder antenna. Diagnostic plug. Instrument panel. Kickstand switch. Emergency stop switch. Engine temperature sensor.

 Peugeot Satelis - Service manual > Location of body components

Upper handlebar cover. Front top cover panel. Rider saddle. Lower handlebar cover. Wind protector. Tank streamlining. Counter panel. Front shield panels. Bottom panel. Footboard. Rear shield. Front mudguard. Mudguard. Rear cover. Side panels. Mudflap. Passenger backseat. Helmet compartment.