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Service Operations

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 Peugeot Satelis - Service manual > Removal of the rear shield panel

Remove the ignition key. Remove the tank cover panel. See: Procedure 5. Remove the front top cover panel. See: Procedure 7. Remove: The ignition switch trim. The handlebar upper fairing (8 screw) (1). On each side remove: 2 plastic screws that secure the front leg shield to the underbody cover. 2 plastic screws that secure the footboard to the underbody cover. Push aside the underbody cover to reach the screw that secures the front shield panel. (2) On each side remove: 6 plastic screws. (3) 2 washer head screws. √Ш6 mm. (4) Separate the front shield panel from the rear shield panel in order to reach the bracket that connects the rear shield panel to the footboard. (A) Pull upwards the lower part of the shield panel in order to separate it from the footboard. Relove the eyelet (B) from the shield panel and the eyelet (C) from the instrument cluster fairing in order free the rear shield panel. Topple the rear shield panel while separating it from the footboards in order to reach the header tank and the accessory plug. Remove the header tank. (Right side). Disconnect the accessory plug. (Left side). Remove the rear shield panel.

 Peugeot Satelis - Service manual > Changing the engine oil and replacing the oil filter

Remove the engine's oil filler cap. (1) Remove the cap and the filter to drain oil from the engine. (2) (Check the condition of the O-ring and change it if necessary). Using a facom D155 type oil filter notched cap wrench, remove the oil filter.